Wann: Donnerstag, 02.02.2016, 16:00 – 17:30
Wo: Uni Köln IBW Gebäude, Hörsaal H 113

*Diese Ringvorlesung/Veranstaltungsreihe ist offen für alle: Studierende und Nicht-Studierende!*

Mit Prof. Dr. Encarnación Gutiérrez Rodríguez

This paper discusses the positioning of Women and Gender Studies (WGS) and Gender Studies (GS) within the neoliberal university by focusing particularly on the dynamics of exclusion resulting from institutional racism and migration control policies in British and German universities. From this angle, the article first discusses the place ofWGS/GS within the neoliberal university. In a second step, it looks at critical race debates regarding universities as sites of hegemonic Whiteness in Germany and the UK. Following this, it discusses the institutional discriminatory effects of migration policies in universities‘ within a broader context. In a fourth step, it examines the affective economy of these policies. In this sense, the article explores the feeling of dispossession transmitted and impressed by migration control policies. It concludes with some thoughts on relating WGS/GS to the project of building the anti-racist university.

modieriert von Dr. Muriel González Athenas
AK race, gender, class in Forschung und Lehre